Finding freedom in being your own boss

Looking back at the last 10 years of life, I am really starting to wonder where the hell I missed my turn-off… I was one of those people who had a plan for my life – I was going to go to university, get a degree (with a distinction) and then step into a corporate position and start climbing the ladder of success. Similar to how they do in the movies.

Jokes aside, I got the degree and I got the ‘sort of‘ corporate position. However, five and a half years later, I feel like I am fading away. You see, I have always been a bit of a creative person. I initially studied into the field of marketing because of the ‘out-of-the-box‘ way you could approach and solve a problem; designing campaigns and promotions, studying consumer behaviour so that my campaigns can appeal to certain behavioural traits leading to an inquiry or sale. I even did a one year course to learn basic Graphic Design skills so that I can involve myself even more creatively when working on projects. Now that was the plan…and unfortunately, in real life, my career did not exactly go in that direction and I somehow ended up feeling like a piece of myself has gone missing. I guess that is how I came to the conclusion that my passions are my passions for a reason. You can only suppress what you are truly passionate about for so long. Ignoring it will start to drive you bonkers. You can trust me on that!

If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does.” – Anonymous 

Happier days are coming. I am slowly but surely pulling myself out of my own rut. Over the past couple of months I have realised that I am what you would call a ‘creative entrepreneur‘.  So basically, being a creative entrepreneur means that you are a talented thinker who combines business acumen with creativity and aesthetic. In other words, you are considered to be an innovator that makes ideas happen…

I took that description to heart and thought to myself: I have an education, a solid knowledge base and some really good skills; so why not put them to good use and help others? And then my project Tall Tale Creative Solutions were born. Going back to my roots, I made myself aware that I actually want to use my marketing and creative background to help small business owners with their marketing efforts. From experience I know how much of your attention is needed to focus on the daily running of your business. Flying solo and even working with a small team doesn’t leave much time for brainstorming on promotional campaigns or planning next month’s social media content. That is where I can make a difference – I hope… I can offer assistance with taking care of telling your brand story, putting word out there that you are open for business and these are your product benefits. I can help built a memorable brand experience. It doesn’t sound difficult and I am not saying that it is, but it can be a time consuming activity when you have more urgent matters to attend too, or you don’t have an extra body that can just focus on your marketing efforts.

Starting Tall Tale Creative Solutions was probably one of the best and scariest decisions that I have ever made. It is proving to be a very exciting journey. I cannot wait to see what the future will hold. If your interested to find out more about the services offered by Tall Tale Creative Solutions, you can visit my website and follow us on social media.

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