When you embark on a new adventure

As I have mentioned before, I am working on a little project of my own. I am hoping that this project will allow me to embark on a new adventure. But, I have to admit, it is a very scary process. Some of you might already know, but when you offer your services at a cost to other businesses, you open yourself up for criticism and a possible few failures. I suppose, however, it’s all part of the learning curve. It doesn’t really matter how many years of experience you have, you still won’t always know how to approach certain challenges.

So on that note, the biggest challenge for me so far is deciding on how I want to communicate my project to the outside world… It’s great to have an idea and you have compiled your business concept, but then what? How do you tell your potential target market that you are now ready to do business?

I would say step 1 is to identify your audience. Where are your ideal customers, how would they come into contact with your brand and what would they need to do to decide on your product? A helpful way to identify your ideal customer is to create your own personal persona. With my project, my ideal customer are those individuals who have started their own small business. These type of business owners will most likely be running their brand by themselves and have limited time and/or budget to spend on marketing their product. My personal persona would look something like this:


Customer Persona


Great, so now we know who our customer is. Step 2 would be to find out more about how your customers are spending their time online. How would customers find your product? I would say do a bit of research of keywords and possible traffic sources associated with your kind of product so that it will be easier for customers to find you.

Then, step 3: you need to join the right social media party. Remember, you don’t need to feature on all the social media platforms. You just need to identify those platforms your customers most engage on. Take time to do your research on this one. Each social media platform has its own demographics and allow businesses to tell their story in different ways. Also consider what kind of content you would want to share. For example, if it is more visual like images and videos then Instagram or Pinterest will be a better option than Facebook. Personally, for my project, I would promote myself on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram as my ideal customer is a small business owner.

Lastly, step 4, starting out on your new adventure, I would not suggesting using any traditional marketing to advertise your brand. It can get way too expensive. Stick to digital. Maybe consider leveraging email marketing. It might take some time to build up a proper customer contact list. You will mostly find your customers via offering an email subscription option on your website. Email marketing provides the opportunity for your voice to be heard by people who are actually interested in your product and it makes your communication effort effective.

Just take your time to find the right channels to tell your brand story. Communicating your brand to your ideal customer is key to making a good start. And even after you have introduced your brand, you would need to continuously reinforce that story to keep your brand top mind among your ideal customers.

“You don’t build a business – you build people and then people build the business”

– Anonymous –




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