Just relax. Master the day.

Lately I have found myself to be overwhelmed and stressed. Frankly, it has gotten me down in more than one way – work wise and personally. This made me wonder if this is how our customers feel sometimes. They are just being bombarded from every corner with all sorts of marketing campaigns and offers. Somehow a balance needs to be created on the when, how, where and what you throw at customers to win them over to support your brand and your product.

The Swedish refers to this type of balance as lagom – “Not too little, not too much. Just right.”

So how could we possibly put this into practice in our companies? Hmmm… We are all desperate for the business, for customers to support each and every brand, otherwise there will be no business. It sure does give you something to think about – how do you break through all of this marketing clutter and noise?

I think the answer is simple. You dare to be different. No more traditional marketing efforts. You use all the information you have gathered about who your customer is, what leisure activities they enjoy, their buying patterns, and you start thinking outside of the box. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the fun factor. Here are a few tips that just might help you along:

It is all about the experience

When you want to make an impact on your customers, you offer them the opportunity to engage with your brand. This is a great way of creating that personalized experience for your customers to really get involved with your brand. For example create quizzes, mobile apps, anything that promotes convenience, that is user-friendly, not time consuming and you offer customers a reward in return for their interaction such a voucher.

It is more than just a product

If you pushing product 100% of the time, you won’t be winning over any customers any time soon. Customers just aren’t looking for a sales pitch. They are looking for content that proves your product is adding value, that is relevant and meaningful, interesting or exciting. You have to make the focus on how this product is going to help them – focus on their problems, interests, challenges and passions. Again, this comes back to the story that you tell customers.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

People talk

Sticky ideas… You need to give people something to talk about and to catch their attention your story must be controversial, unique, remarkable, outrageous, hilarious or even a secret. Not convinced that viral marketing works? 2/3 buying decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth. It is viewed by 90% of customers as a reliable and credible source of information about a product. What better way to sell a product than making people talk?

Be 8adb0a12a2c0578d12248e1f16350dd3everywhere

Great, people are talking, they engaging with your brand, but off course you want it to make an impact on your business. Each marketing campaign needs to have an intriguing call-to-action to get customers to go through the purchase process. Remember that voucher example when they complete a quiz? Other than that, your campaign messages should be relayed through a variety of mediums. Customers are all different and each of them have their own preferences. Use memorable titles and eye-catching imagery so that your content stands out and stay top-of-mind.

It sounds simple enough right? It always is, when you read it. But I am going to be honest, it does require some time to really think and come up with a plan A, B & C – just in case. Always test your ideas and content messages before putting them out there to make sure you receive the right reaction. The last think you want to do is create a negative buzz about your product. No great idea ever came from rushing…


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