Storytelling: Breathing life into your business

Sitting in a meeting today, I couldn’t help wondering where this business would be if not for the history it has collected – all the stories gathered over the years. That its history and stories has given it such an amazing life. We forget that times have changed, customers have changed. Customers are no longer interested in the product that they see but rather more interested about how it makes them feel, the experiences offered.

Storytelling provides you with a way of breathing life into your business. It helps to give your product or service an identity which then allows you to take your customers on a journey they yearn to experience. You want customers to form a personal connection with your business and it’s products or services. So your story has to be authentic, creative and most importantly…inspirational.

So how do you create a compelling story for your business? Well think of ways that your business has solved  a problem for a customer. To talk about problems solved for a customer is always a good way of showing the value and special care your business offers. For example, the wrong pair of shoes for a special girl’s matric fairwell were routed to the wrong address. When the business learned about this and that the package would probably not make it in time for her fairwell, they overnighted her a free pair.

Another type of story you can tell is to focus on your inspiration for being in business. At some point you were inspired by a greater vision. So what was it that inspired you? You might talk about, for example, how your love for nature and a healthy lkfestyle inspired you to startup your own organic restaurant using ingredients grown from your own organic garden. 

Why not even focus on telling a story that shows how you are different from other businesses… A critical part to winning over customers is knowing what sets you apart from your competitors. Think about it and frame those different points into a compelling story. You can use various techniques to show how you are different, such as a video showing side by side a  comparison of your product vs a competitive product or a video were your employees state why they rather work for you than the other guy.

Lastly…your story can even be all about your hero’s anthem. Aka your customer. A good example is Amazon. Because they know their customer so well they are able to tell you additional items that they recommend for your shopping and always be spot on. Amazon is customer obsessed! And you should also be. Telling you hero’s story should be unique in that it has nothing to do with your product  but rather celebrates those customers who pay the bill each month. Remeber that without them you won’t have a business.

Customers crave real stories. So make your story as true and inspirational as possible. Time to get practicing on your storytelling skills!


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