That personal touch

Marketing is all about communicating with the individual customer using the right messages at the right time. So it isn’t really so much about finding the correct customer as it is finding the correct story to tell.

The advertising environment nowadays is so bombarded with never-ending messages surrounding customers along the streets they walk and drive, television, radio, and even in the small devices (mobile phones, tablets & laptops) they carry to connect with people and gain access to information. The reality of one advert standing out above another is no longer even a possibility. The only way to catch the attention of customers is by understanding them on a personal level. And that is just what customers are looking for when they consider buying into a brand.

Customers expect to receive an individual experience. That means that for your small business, personalizing adverts and messages can deliver five to eight times the return on your marketing spend. This is because customers are more likely to act, buy and recommend when you provide them with messages that are tailored to their wants and needs. Using personalized media programs can assist you to improve customer response rates, lead to increased sales and even create stronger brand perceptions. This said, applying personalization in adverts and customer communications is not just a nice strategy to use, but your business can definitely benefit from it as it boosts performance.

The secret in achieving personalization lies in understanding consumer behaviour across the various media channels and devices, and surfacing insights on each customer’s true affinity and preferences. You can use behavioural data to fully understand customer preferences. Personalization furthermore has the ability to provide you with a competitive edge as it will be more able to attract the right customer, keep them and up sell by providing personalized meaningful offers and also maintain consistently relevant communication. So it is time you start to get to know who your customer is and what it is they want and need from you as a business…



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